Bitcoin price expectations

IncBitcoin price expectationsluding miners, infrastructure, R&D and application development, and exchanges, there are now about 10,000 Bitcoin full data nodes (not wallets) in the world, and more than 8,000 Lightning Network nodes (second layer). If you use a hard fork to upgrade, every upgrade will cause a huge network oscillation, that is, the old nodes need to be upgraded, and then converge and synchronize the new block data. So far, there are 87 different versions of node clients on the Internet, of which only 1/of which have been upgraded to the latest version 0.10, but other versions are still working.

ConsenSys is for Ethereum, just like Blockstream is for Bitcoin, because many of its spokes play a key role in its ecosystem, many people think it will enter death pain. However, at the last minute, Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and head of ConsenSys, stepped up to save the company.

On May 26, the latest data released by Glassnode showed that the outflow of bitcoin funds from mainstream exchanges such as Bitfinex, Huobi, BitMEX, Binance, etc. has reached a new high. Since Black Thursday, March 12, more than 310,000 Bitcoins have flowed out of mainstream exchanges. Among them, Bitfinex outflows a total of 126,845 bitcoins, the largest amount, Huobi outflows 95,496 bitcoins, and BitMEX outflows 95,438 bitcoins.

The essential reason for the downturn in the market from May to the present is that no new funds have entered the market, and the stock funds have basically been deeply locked up, and there is no convenient channel to provide access to these funds outside the market. As a result, the entire digital currency market is insufficient for incremental funds. Previously, the currency circle had always hoped that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would pass a Bitcoin ETF, as well. However, ETF applications have been rejected by the SEC. What is the difference between the ETN and ETF passed this time?

But I am not trying to analyze who is better, who is a liar, and who is not. I am just giving you some thoughts. The thinking styles of these two people are actually very representative in the business field. Wang Xiaochuan is almost a mathematical determinist, while Justin Sun is completely obsessed with the manipulability of people, that is, a "thought-only historical view" and respects success. Wang loses.

About a year ago in Deconomy, I publicly called CraigWright, a scammer who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin price expectationsand finished with the question "Why is this scammer allowed to speak at this summit?" Why did I say nothing to him? Explanation of meaning.

Chen Zhipeng: Can not flow out of the body and trade in other channels. Of course, if it is OTC, last year’s 4 was not explicitly prohibited, only centralized auction trading on the floor was prohibited. Therefore, domestic OTC transactions are still in an ambiguous position. Some time ago, Alipay blocked many accounts involving over-the-counter transactions.

But the bull market speaks for itself. After BTC breaks $20,000, there is no resistance above it. It doesn't matter where it goes, and any inflow of strong funds will lead to the second wave of rise. In this round of rising from October 18, the rate of increase was relatively fast and there were few opportunities to get on the car, but November 26 also gave a chance to get on the car with a large volatility. This time it is the same. From the current position, the real support position may start from around 20500. If the price performance is strong, it may not reach the support and start to rise again. It does not matter, as long as the price trajectory will always find a new price strong support.