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The second is the failure to ship in time. For a rich person with a wealth of life and wantless desires, it doesn’t matter how much you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the digital currency market. However, for ordinary people, the money in the currency market is involved. The problem is big. A gap of several times in the rate of return is often a huge difference in the quality of life. For example, on January 8, 2018 (the highest peak of the cryptocurrency market value), you asked a person to take out all his hundreds of thousands of yuan in the market. He was 100% reluctant. After all, he was in others. It seems that one hundred thousand yuan can buy a car at most, but if you zoom in ten times and become one hundred thousand, then you may be only one step away from the full price of the house you dream of, so at this time They withdrew and retreated, the other side was extremely worried about gains and losses. What's more, as the author put forward in Part 3 of the article "If you want to create history, don't always use past experience to predict the blockchain": Due to the existence of the 94 incident, many voices in the industry at that time believed that the cryptocurrency market three You can go through a bull-bear cycle in four months. If you hold it for a year and keep it for a yeaBitcoin mining formular, wouldn't it still be a matter of getting it right? Therefore, although the trend of the bull market in the currency circle in 2017 was very horrifying, many participants actually did not eat the dividends of this wave of market. The one-hundred-thousand-thousand-fold increase in the subsequent bear market also became several times tenfold. It is said that the actual rate of return is not too high. As for the so-called net worth and market value, it is just a momentary theoretical gain.

Joel Kruger, a foreign exchange strategist at LMAXDigital, believes that the potential sell-off in the stock market poses greater risks to the upward trend of Bitcoin compared with the correction of gold. If the US Congress still fails to agree on a new round of economic stimulus measures, global stock markets may be under pressure.

"Contract Daily" is an in-depth analysis column launched by the Bitcoin World Research Institute. This column will sort out the major events in the crypto market in the day and provide investors with the latest data, market analysis and opinion sharing, which will help investors grasp the overall pulse of the market in a timely and rapid manner, keep up with development trends, and use diversified analysis dimensions. Learn about the latest developments in the industry.

On-boarding (that is, how does a pure novice user enter the blockchain world? How to board?) In my opinion, it is an important topic that no one in the domestic team is thinking about, but the foreign team has slowly begun to explore. This article introduces three small products dedicated to solving the legal currency transaction problems in on-boarding: Dether, RampSwaps, and DAIHard.

Unlike the other BitcoinCore members who adhere to the 1MB block size and co-founded the Bitcoin technology company Blockstream, Gavin has always been a firm supporter of large block expansion. When the actual block size of the Bitcoin network reached 150K in 2013, when Jeff Garzik's expansion suggestion was raised again (for details, please see: "How does Satoshi Nakamoto view the controversial expansion issue? | The Secret History of Bitcoin"), Gavin naturally Become the main promoter of large block expansion.

McAfee announced in 2015 that it would participate in the 2016 presidential election through the Cyber ​​Party. He said that the reason for participating in the election was that the privacy of the people could not be guaranteed and the ties between governments around the world were not close enough. However, in order to increase the chanBitcoin mining formulaces of winning, at the end of 2015 he announced his switch to the Liberal Party, where he lost to rival Gary Johnson.

Since August, MicroStrategy, the world's largest independent BI company (BusinessIntelligence), has continued to buy bitcoins, and currently holds about 40,824 bitcoins. Relevant data shows that MicroStrategy has relied on BTC for $6.5 billion. Although the behavior caused Citibank to downgrade its stock rating, MicroStrategy's enthusiasm remains unabated.