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For the cryptocurrency world, the regulatory policies of major countries have become extremely important factors. The strict crackdown policy has reduced hundreds of millions of potential new users, and the US supervision of TELEGRAM tokens and LBitcoin notificationibra has directly hindered two of the greatest cryptocurrency projects in recent years. But from another perspective, countries with strict supervision such as the United States and India will become important benefits once they move.

From the data on the chain, it can be seen that within one month before the halving, the Grayscale Fund bought 70,000 bitcoins, which is equivalent to 70% of the mining output of the entire network during that period; May 12 On the day of the currency halving, the Grayscale Fund bought 3,716 bitcoins, far exceeding its daily output.

ONT has been declining since the mainnet went live. It hasn’t stopped the decline. Every time the decline has stabilized, the volume has dropped. It has been shipping. Now it is twice as long as the market started. It can be seen that the main force’s intention is not to protect. Before opening a position, you must be careful to pressure 3300 and support 2700.

The report pointed out that the blockchain industry is building a parallel financial network as a substitute for the existing system. Although these new platforms have not yet been accepted by the mainstream economy, the authors of the report stated that the scale of these systems will not expand, and we will see mainstream talent and capital entering these new networks.

Antonopoulos: There is no doubt that I published my fourth book "Mastering Ethereum" in 2018. Because I have the opportunity to calm down, no longer have to reply to hundreds of emails, and no longer have to reject those who want me to be their ICO project consultant. This stupid behavior has stopped. Now we can start serious work.

Antonopoulos: I don't want to act lightly, because I know that many peopBitcoin notificationle have made some bad investment decisions, which can be quite a painful experience. I suggest that people invest in education and technology and don’t use it as a speculative tool, because it is dangerous and unstable.

The word OldMoney is good, the name itself actually explains the problem. That is, cryptocurrencies need to have a money market (money market), that is, debt-based stablecoins (funding) and derivatives (futures, etc), so that there can be a capital market with measurable returns (return). , Not based solely on the expected cash out of the mysterious commodity (coin).