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When Numerai first went live, data scientists were able to win bitcoins without any risk by providing the best model to the system. However, with the introduction of tokens, data Real bitcoinscientists’ earnings in the game have begun to take risks. If their predictions are not good, their earnings will decrease accordingly. In other words, NMR acts as a trust mechanism, and only results that meet the requirements can be passed, which promotes the correct participation of data scientists.

Stkr is an ETH0 mortgage solution launched by Ankr. Stkr allows users to pledge at least 0.5 ETH to participate in ETH0launchpad, and users can also obtain IOU token aETH; in addition, the mortgager can also enjoy about 12% of the annualized income. Currently, more than 520 ETH have entered the Stkr deposit pool.

Leo: I think it's not just the slow development in China, the Lightning Network is still a relatively new thing, and it is only popular among developers abroad. The Lightning Network did not enter the country in particular before, because many domestic participants are mainly miners, and they may be affected by some not necessarily correct concepts. The Lightning Network is not actually a way to expand Bitcoin. I think the development of the Lightning Network is an inevitable trend, and its popularity is only a matter of time. We are here to organize the event to avoid some misunderstandings when a new concept is spread in a new market. For example, some custodial centralized wallets are not a particularly good thing in my opinion. This is one of the purposes of our promotion. I think that in the future, developers will see the convenience and speed of using the Lightning Network, as well as the quickness of developing on it, and the community will naturally rise and the community will rise. I think it's a sign now.

In addition, verifiable computing is also an important technology that can improve the security of the blockchain. Verifiable calculations allow users to verify the correctness of calculation results without repeating all calculations, which can reduce the cost of consensus calculations and lower the threshold for joining a high-throughput consensus system. In terms of implementation, verifiable computing has many similarities with non-interactive zero-knowledge proof technology suitable for blockchain use, and will not be repeated here.

GUSD contains a total of 6 smart contracts, namely ERC20Proxy, ERC20Impl, ERC20Store, PrintLimit, and 2 independent Custodian contracts, all of which are created by the address 0x4c2F150Fc90fed3d8281114c2349f1906cdE5346.

According tReal bitcoino TheNextWeb report, software security company Coveware recently released a report on ransomware attacks, showing that in the first quarter of 2019, victims’ cryptocurrency ransom payments to ransomware attackers increased by nearly 90% compared to the previous quarter.