Bitcoin price will fall

Due to the official announcement of the upgrade of coflux (3615 000) on December 12, it is also expected that the upgrade will be carried out across the block chain (swonx) on November 15. For this reason, moonswap will temporarily shut down the crBitcoin price will falloss chain deposit and withdrawal function, in which the online transaction of conflux will not be affected. The specific time of suspension is from 13:00, December 11 to 17:00, December 12, Beijing time.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth temporarily reported at 514.28usdt (- 7.48%), XRP at 0.5247usdt (- 13.28%), BCH at 266.93usdt (- 12.85%), LTC at 69.72usdt (- 11.30%), EOS at 2.891 usdt (- 12.48%), BSV at 163.98usdt (- 12.76%).

The result of today's market is up. Six analysts of eagle eye blockchain - Eagle, tangzhongchan, Ding Jiayong, Wenbo talking about currency, lazy person of digital asset analysis, and Chen Shu, a trader, made accurate judgments. Tonight, four of the nine analysts were bullish and five were bearish. (welcome to the live room at 8:00 every night to chat with analysts face to face! Please add wechat: bishijiesamo)

3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were BCD (+ 23.80%), BTG (+ 17.99%) and yfi (+ 12.23%); the top three were XZC (- 9.51%), JST (- 9.27%) and xuc (- 8.29%)

At the same time, other mainstream currencies, such as BCH and BSV, have lagged behind in recent years, but they will not be absent easily when the market is fermenting. In other words, the layout of mainstream currencies is not limited to strong currencies, and currencies with lagging growth should also be concerned. After all, the short-term trend of these currencies may be stronger after the outbreak.

The results showed that: 35 US dollars (+ 8.46%); GT: 0.4402 dollars (+ 1.77%); fil: 30.096 dollars (- 0Bitcoin price will fall.00%). Today, 12 wonderful programs will be broadcast soon, including position management, trading strategy, hot spot analysis, science popularization of new technology, and analysis of banker's ideas.

Decrypt said today that the number of BTC anchored coins on Ethereum has dropped from 153591 on November 20 to 147350 in the past 12 days, a decrease of 6421, or about US $120 million. From June to October, the number of BTC anchors on Ethereum soared from near zero to $2 billion, but it began to decline last month. According to the analysis of the paper, the reasons for the decrease of the data are: 1. The long-term holders who have invested in the Defa contract may have realized due to the rise in the price of bitcoin; 2. The reduction of the incentive measures for defi has led to the reduction of the trading activities of the defi protocol and the reduction of the demand for token assets such as wbtc.

Bitpay, the bitcoin payment company, has submitted documents to the top U.S. banking regulator, OCC, to create a national bank, according to the block on December 10. It is said that the proposed bitpay National Trust Bank will be headquartered in Georgia. According to the statement, the National Trust Bank is a limited purpose national bank engaged in trust activities.