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ICO seems to be the agency's primary concern, because in February 2018, the SEC conducted a large-scale investigation and issued a subpoena to close some unregistered securities in the ICO. Prior to this, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton accused many ICO and cryptocurrency promoters of not complying with securities laws. Although he previously considered ICOs to be a potentially efficient financing tool, in a column published in the Wall Street Journal, Clayton also warned that the SEC will vigorously pursue the registration, disclosure, and Bitcoin price checkercountermeasures that try to evade our securities laws. The person asking for fraud.

The BCH network has experienced many milestones in the past 365 days. An important watershed moment is the number of transactions processed the day before yesterday (August 1, 2018). The Bitcoin Cash network processed as many as 670,000 transactions yesterday, which exceeded Bitcoin's record of 490,000 transactions (12-14-1 day transaction records).

In addition, it is more difficult to use relative valuation models (different types of assets, or the same asset in a relative time) in a new field such as cryptocurrency. For example, if you think that Litecoin is a network with a higher growth rate than Bitcoin, then by definition, it is reasonable to first accept the price of Bitcoin, and then Litecoin should be traded at a multiple of 2 times the Bitcoin NVT ratio.

Judging from the multi-signature hot and cold wallet addresses, ChainX attracted more than 2,000 bitcoins at its peak, worth more than 108 million yuan. What is more worthy of attention is the rate of return of ChainX. At present, one bitcoin can mine 04 PCX per day, which is equivalent to 48 USDT. In other words, the annualized rate of return of this ILO project has temporarily exceeded 190%.

However, the "trustless" and "self-certified innocence" characteristics of the blockchain and smart contracts themselves cannot guarantee the credit of the token issuer. The success of ERC-20's token generation contract has promoted the IC0 industry and intensified the hype in the entire market. Through practice in 2018, it proved that the liberalization of token issuance in the absence of a proper regulatory environment is not advisable, and it is not conducive to innovation.

In 2018, it was not just cryptocurrencies that fell violently, but traditional capital maBitcoin price checkerrkets were not immune. According to statistics from Deutsche Bank, the performance of various global assets in 2018 was the worst in 100 years. The global economy has not yet emerged from the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis. The U.S. economy continues to suffer from policy stimulus and concerns about government shutdown. The situation in 2019 is not clear. As the world’s second largest economy, under the pressure of the structural contradictions accumulated over the years and the external environment, the economy is losing ground. vitality.

According to SECv.WJHoweyCo., 328U.S.293 (derived from the investment contract under 194, including the case discussed by the committee in its investigation report (the “DAO report” mentioned above)), because TOM stands for transferable shares, it will Determined as securities. According to the bounty program, the issuance of TOM constitutes an act of offering and selling securities, because the company provides TOM to investors in exchange for service securities designed to advance Tomahawk’s economic interests and create a trading market for it. Tomahawk and Laurance violated Section 5(a) and 5(c) of the "Securities Act", that is, the provision and sale of securities without the submission or effective registration statement.

Ripple does not have any miners or miners. On the contrary, transactions are verified through a centralized blockchain, which is intended to make transaction verification more reliable and faster. XRP is mined by the parent company RippleLabsInc, and most of the cryptocurrencies are held by the company.