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QuadrigaCX and it1 bitcoins court-appointed oversight agency, Ernstand Young (EY), have won at least one victory so far: At a hearing last week, Canadian Nova Scotia Judge Michael Wood approved an order , Requiring third-party payment processors to transfer QuadrigaCX’s fiat currency assets to Ernst & Young as soon as possible.

When the Lightning Network was released, the use of this second-layer scaling solution was very difficult for ordinary people to get started, so its adoption has been growing slowly and steadily. Of course, with the emergence of new, user-friendly solutions, some people believe that the true potential of the Lightning Network will be realized.

In the blockchain system, similar problems will also occur. In the Bitcoin and Ethereum POW chains, if there are malicious nodes with irrational or ulterior motives, for some reason, it wants to harm the entire system, unless it Master most of the computing power of the network (like this mob’s force is greater than the sum of other members in the system), otherwise it will be punished by the system, which can effectively ensure the security of the system.

In theory, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are based on a new concept of decentralization. For example, Bitcoin is a global form of payment, and its transactions can be carried out worldwide without anyone's approval. However, issues related to Bitcoin mining pools, network stages, and developers' control over projects have all raised concerns about centralization.

Fat Fatty seems to be more innocent than Jed, Fat Fat speaks more honestly, and Jed speaks like a liar. Jed also thoroughly understands the organization of Mt.Gox, which is enough to steal BTC and transfer it easily. If one day he wants to move those stolen bitcoins, when he does, I hope he will be caught.

From a macro perspective, derivative products can help increase the depth and breadth of financial markets. A high-risk, high-volatility market is difficult to continuously attract long-term investors, and a market lacking long-term capital is also difficult to have strong carrying capacity and the ability to continue to expand. Derivatives eased the volatility of the spot market to a certain extent, such as diverting and selling pressure when the market price drops, and restraining the decline of the spot market. At the same time, the risk is transferred from RiskAdverse investors to RiskSeeking investors, the risk is adjusted and allocated, and the risk tolerance of the entire marke1 bitcoint is improved.

In the first half of 2018, although mainstream currencies fell slightly, the rise began to spread to small currencies, and the entire industry was still booming. In the second quarter of 2018, the platform currency started a wave of independent rise. Taking Huobi HT as an example, it rose from 10 yuan, which was nearly four times the increase in three months. In terms of transaction volume, the second quarter of 2018 was also a small peak. Coupled with various lock-up designs such as voting for the currency, profits and currency prices have risen together. The exchange has become the most enviable business in the industry.

For crypto projects, efficiency means distributing Tokens to participants who can contribute to the project and help the project grow, including speculators, investors, and diversified (non-whales) Token holders The Token holders within it can maintain the diversity of the community, and at the same time, design the Token incentive mechanism to effectively drive participants to perform expected operations.