Bitcoin mining economics

Since March, Zhang Chao has seen an opportunity for Bitcoin to rise. If he took out the down payment of 250,000 yuan to buy a house in March to buy 10 Bitcoins, then his current digital asset value will reach 840,000 yuan. The income far exceeds the cenBitcoin mining economicstral bank's benchmark demand deposit interest rate of 1.5%, far exceeds the 5% annualized interest rate of Ant Financial's Yu'ebao, far exceeds the 4-7% annualized rate of return of bank wealth management products, and far exceeds the annualized rate of P2P10-15% The yield rate far exceeds the 20-40% yield rate of loan sharks.

Mercer also said that, like Coinbase, Winklevoss twin exchanges, and even Goldman Sachs and other US companies, LMAX pays close attention to the large-scale investor market as a way to increase the mainstream attractiveness of cryptocurrencies.

US$7.5 billion seems to be a huge fine, but according to Richard D. Wolff, a famous economics professor, broke the news on Twitter: This is not the first fine facing Wells Fargo. In the past 3 years, Wells Fargo has paid a total of $2.7 billion in fines. However, Wells Fargo's profit in these three years was $60 billion.

The second is that digitization has unlimited space. The future of scientific development must be digitalized. Without digitization, some of our technologies cannot be applied. I think data is efficiency, let me give you an example. It's very simple. I asked the bank president one day and I said what is the use of digitalization for you. He said that digitization is efficiency. He counted the staff who have done business in our branch in the past two years, and counted two data, one is gender and the second is age. He used these two statistics to come to a conclusion. He said that through our statistics, 80% of those who save money to do business at my point are women under 60 and over 20 years old. He said 80% of those over 60 are gay men. Based on this phenomenon, he asked the salesmen below him to make accurate sales when they were selling. Seeing that the young in the community first looked for a lady, and if the older ones looked for the old man, his performance doubled that year.

In terms of large positions, long positions rose further from 1,806 to 2,175, and short positions rebounded slightly from 1,706 to 1,816. In the last statistical cycle, the position of this type of account officially turned into net long, and the net long advantage of this type of account in the current data has further expanded. Although this type of account has carried out a two-way increase in holdings in the latest statistical cycle, the increase in long positions was significantly greater than that of short positions, which also consolidated the overweight attitude of such accounts in the previous statistical cycle.

However, for independent developers like Mercer, relying on cryptocurrency technology and an unstable market to continue to provide code can be frustrating. Zcash has been hit hard this year, fromBitcoin mining economics $876 in January to $192 at the time of writing.

On July 13, Capriole Digital Asset Manager Charles Edwards said that the highly anticipated HashRibbons buy signal has been confirmed. Edwards, who created the indicator, wrote on Twitter: This signal appears particularly special after the halving. It may take a long time before there is another one. The big bull market just started.

Vays emphasized his previous prediction. He mentioned that, as I have been saying for several months, I have no reason to give up my forecast at the beginning of this year that Bitcoin will be between $6,000 and $10,000 for most of this year. Bitcoin has been above $9,000 for a long time, but if it falls back to $8,000 or $7,000, it doesn't mean much.