Buy Bitcoin through a checking account

On December 2, tahinis, a Canadian restaurant chain, said on its official Twitter: we converted all our reserves into bitcoin in August 2020, and since then we have been ridiculed and called iBuy Bitcoin through a checking accountrresponsible fools by people in the community. Since then, our reserves have doubled in dollar terms, which is why we will continue to buy bitcoin forever.

3. MassMutual life insurance company purchased $100 million worth of BTC for its general insurance account through New York digital investment group (nydig).

At 19:30 on November 13, Bai Yi, partner of crypto Pavilion, was a guest Analysis on Friday. When When the partner jiuer asked about the current market trend, Bai Yi said that $16000 was too early for BTC, and the overall market was still slow. If there was no obvious trend to reduce holdings, the institutions would still keep the logic of continuing to rise. Usually, when the market is in a bull market, the counterfeit currency will follow the mainstream currency to make up for the rise. Therefore, in addition to the mainstream currency, it is also a good choice to invest in counterfeit currency.

On November 20, sushichef tweeted that sushiswap's total lock up has exceeded $1 billion, accounting for 65% of uniswap's total lock up. The super leader's plan to return the Commission was officially launched on November 25. In order to create a better blockchain asset trading platform, Blockchain enthusiasts, community leaders in the circle, KOL and well-known institutions in the industry will be invited to join the first phase of the super leader's rebate plan. Among them, the exclusive benefits of super leaders include super high commission return, key customer service, one-to-one consultation and other rights and interests.

According to cryptobriefing, Tom Fitzpatrick, Citibank's managing director, discussed the analogy between the 1970 gold market and bitcoin in his latest report bitcoin: gold in the 21st century. Bitcoin emerged in the wake of the great financial crisis [in 2008], and the monetary system changed as we lowered interest rates to zero, according to the report. Note: currency inflation and dollar depreciation are the basis for the report to compare bitcoin with gold. In addition, Tom Fitzpatrick alsoBuy Bitcoin through a checking account predicts that bitcoin prices will exceed $318000 by December 2021.

according to According to the data, the current effective computing power of the whole network of filecoin is 1.09eib, slightly higher than yesterday; the number of active miners is 745, which is the same as yesterday. In recent 24 hours, the output is 192602fil and the pledge is 19191738fil. The top five miners with effective computing power are shown in the figure.