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Casper's design is basically very general and abstract, and consensus can be reached on almost any data structure; you can use CBC to decide whether to choose 0 or 1, and you can run a simBitcoin Cash Exchangeple block-by-block chain on CBC. CBC can even be used on a 292-dimensional hypercube DAG.

"Barron's Weekly" believes that the influx of smart money to push the price above $20,000 is very dangerous for a highly volatile asset such as Bitcoin. "Barron's Weekly" contributor Mark Hulburt (Mark Hulburt) also recently wrote an article about the valuation of Bitcoin. When this asset was hyped, he cited a person who had accurately judged the fair value of gold A new quantitative analysis of investors calmly takes the value of Bitcoin and believes that Bitcoin is overvalued by more than 50%; and compared with gold, Bitcoin is not an effective inflation hedging tool.

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Daniel: Hello, everyone, I am Daniel, the founder of acBTC and its developer NUTFinance. I used to have an entrepreneurial and venture capital background. acBTC builds a DeFi solution that is safe, easy to use, efficient, and friendly to Bitcoin holders. acBTC achieves the above goals by synthesizing the underlying cross-chain assets, plus the application layer's optimized design for BTC.

ProtocolVentures is the leading fund of funds in the category of crypto assets. Its investment portfolio includes funds that specifically invest in highly liquid crypto assets and ICOs. Protocol combines past and expected performance, fund management quality and complementary fund strategies, invests in elite fund groups in the crypto space, and provides investors with diversified investments through a single LP investment.

In 2006, she joined the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of the Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, a district known for being able to rise to a federal position quickly and with high probabiliBitcoin Cash Exchangety. There, she was in charge of national security and terrorism cases, and she was good at collecting electronic evidence using new technologies such as the use of mobile phone base stations to locate data.

GUSD uses the Ethereum network, which undoubtedly brings major application scenarios for ETH. Compared with the congestion of the BTC network, the high handling fee, and the long block confirmation time, the advantages of the Ethereum network can give GUSD a richer application experience. , And the Ethereum network has been widely verified in terms of security. As GUSD becomes more competitive, the demand for Ethereum will increase again