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Conversely, it is easier for users of Apple iOS system to download hidden mining hijacking applications in the AppStore. Apple even strictly controls theFree bitcoin wallet rules for applying to participate in its stores in order to prevent the spread of such software. However, this is not equivalent to the former in terms of harm. Mining will only slow down the speed of computer operations, and the destruction of wallets is incomparable.

Forks are divided into soft forks and hard forks. The soft fork is only an upgrade of the network and strengthening of the rules. The upgraded node is well compatible with the previous node, and no new fork currency will be generated. Soft forks are forward compatible. This is how the Ethereum Metropolis expands. After expansion, there is still only one ETH main chain, which is a soft fork. reported on July 17 that the US social media platform Twitter claimed that it would delete millions of fraudulent accounts every day. Twitter officials issued a statement in the first week of this month, stating that more than 70 million fake accounts were blocked in May and June. However, in the cryptocurrency field, a large number of ETH fraud bots posing as celebrities still plague many people in and outside the circle.

Judge Curiel stated that he was not persuaded by the SEC to request complete evidence to prove that Blockvest's privatized token sales were unregistered securities sales activities. He singled out two aspects related to Howeytest in the SEC argument. Howeytest comes from a case in 1946 and provides a basic definition for American financial securities products.

In early June 2020, LeRoux was sentenced to 25 years in prison. In order to avoid being imprisoned, LeRoux wrote to the District Court Judge Ronnie Abrams for the Southern District of New York, explaining his thoughts on mining machine design. In order to get a commutation in the later period.

On August 16, the blockchain development company nChain where CraigWright works announced its own BCH fork-BitcoinSV (BitcoinSatoshiVisiFree bitcoin walleton, SV). The upgrade of nChain is supported by Coingeek, the largest mining pool of BCH.

In June 2012, the official statement of the American Butterfly Laboratory aroused heated discussions in the community. The agency first announced that it was manufacturing ASIC mining machines and promised to launch related products in September of the same year. One month after this incident, Roasted Cat registered the account firecat on the Bitcointalk forum and also posted that he was developing an ASIC mining machine; however, because he did not have enough funds, he hoped to raise manufacturing funds through 1PO.

Roisman entered the SEC in September this year, and it is reported that his attitude towards cryptocurrencies is relatively friendly. VanEck, SolidX and CBOE tried to prove to Roisman that the Bitcoin ETF series of products comply with securities regulatory rules and can protect investors.